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As a soundtrack enthusiast, Time of the Doctor was a bit of a let down. 

Sometimes I imagine what I’d say if I met celebrities. If I ever got to meet Murray Gold, the composer of the Doctor Who soundtracks since 2005, I would have told him that I thought he was one of the greatest soundtrack composers ever and that Vale Decem, the song he composed as the soundtrack to the 10th Doctor’s regeneration into the 11th, was one of the best done pieces of soundtrack I’ve ever heard. 

I would have also told him that I had no idea how he could possibly come up with anything nearly as incredible for when Matt Smith regenerated, but if anyone could, it was him. 

The soundtrack used in Matt Smith’s regeneration in the Time of the Doctor was a track called ‘Infinite Potential.’ It was reused music, first heard in ‘The Rings of Akhaten.’ Yes, it’s beautiful music, one of my favourite tracks. Yes it fit the scene.

But. It just. Wasn’t 11. Wasn’t Matt. 

Even in the original scene, Infinite Potential is what plays to Clara’s speech, after The Long Song. It’s not even a 11th Doctor moment. 

Vale Decem is one of my favourite pieces of music primarily because it captures incredibly well the feelings of grief and sorrow we feel at 10’s departure, but at the same time captures the sheer majesty and glory of David Tennant’s Doctor. And the climax is basically a glorified version of 10’s theme, just with lyrics added. 

And Matt Smith bloody well deserved that. 

When David left we all thought he was the greatest Doctor there ever was, and no one could ever possibly replace him and who the hell did this young upstart of a Smith thing he was. 

But Matt came in and was his own quirky version of the Doctor and we fell in love with his bow ties and dancing around the TARDIS and general goofiness, and in short, he became an incredible Doctor, as great or more great than any of the actors who came before him. 

He deserved his theme at the end of his era.

Preferably an epic glorified version.

Which is basically what I’ve done here. I took “The Majestic Tale (of a madman in a box)” which builds on the “I am the Doctor” theme and though from the Season 6 album, is heard in variations throughout Matt’s entire era. It’s as Matt as you can get, so far as his epic music is concerned.

This is the latter part of it, slowed down  to 75%, for general glorifying and sorrow inducing purposes. 

[Obviously I do no not own the original soundtrack that’s Murray Gold’s or the BBC’s or whoever’s, and I still think Murray Gold and his music in general is beyond incredible, I just wish this could have happened]

Somone put this music to the regeneration video. I’d like to see that very much!

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